3 Must Haves In Small Business Advertising

Creating advertisements, flyers and mail outs can be powerful ways to generate leads and business. There are of course specific criteria that can make an advertisement more effective than others. At a minimum you  should consider the following three things when creating advertisements:
An attention Grabbing Headline
An Irresistible Offer
A Call to ActionFailure to build all three factors into your next flyer or magazine advertisement will result in a poor return on investment. The best way to keep your costs down on any advertising exercise is to firstly develop more than one set of the above three factors.Create a short run of  the different ads (say flyers) and split test or rotate them. You will see that one may stand out as delivering the best response. Once you find this one use it as a “control” version and continue to create different versions by changing one of the three factors at a time – not all three at once.Attention Grabbing HeadlineIt has been shown that 80% of the effectiveness of your advertisement depends on whether the headline is read by your target market. The only way to ensure this happens is to know your ideal “suspect” well enough to be able to craft a compelling headline. The headline should match and reflect a frustration,issue or problem your target reader can identify with.Irresistible OfferOkay, you have their attention now. What are you going to offer them? It had better be something that they really want and something you can deliver. Make the offer a solution to a problem they have right now. Build the offer with add ons and bonuses if they make a quick decision. Create more than one offer and test your offers to see which one gets the best response.Call To ActionNow don’t forget this component or all your hard work will be wasted! Tell them what to do next. Believe it or not people do like to be given direction when it comes to making decisions. If you omit the call to action they will quickly lose their excitement over your offer and it will drift from memory.  So tell them to call your toll free number, send an email, go to your website or fax that coupon right now. Make sure you make contacting you easy. If an email they send to you bounces, don’t expect them try again.