Small Business Promotion With Google Places

If you go to and do a localized search, such as “Kissimmee Rentals” or “Kissimmee Dentists”, you will notice in the results page a Google Map with businesses that are related to the search in your local area. Google places the Top 10 results in the map, along with a listing of the Top 10 ‘Places’ in the search results.Now the question is, if you do a localized search for your business, will it come up in the search results?And, if it does, will it be in the Top 10, or even in the Top 3?It’s very easy to claim your business listing simply by going to and selecting the option for getting your business found on Google. And, best of all, it’s completely FREE!However, there are some ‘tricks’ that you will need to do in order to get your listing rated at the top of the list. This is where you’ll want to be to get the most out of your listing.First of all, it may sound like common sense, but if you don’t already have a website, get one done for you! Google will give more precedence to the listings that have an actual website to go with it. So if you’ve been putting off getting a website created, now’s the time to get it done.Next, when creating your listing, make sure you use the main phone number of your business. Preferably, a phone number that has been published in a business listing in the phone book. This will make it easier to get your listing verified. If Google can’t find any record of it, they will need to confirm your listing by mail, which takes several weeks. If they are able to find it, they’ll verify by telephone, which only takes a few minutes.Now, when creating your listing, make sure you fill out ALL the information that is requested. Upload a photo, fill out your hours, description, and try not to leave anything blank.TIP #1: Be sure to use keywords when adding your description that would be used to find your website. For example, we used ‘Kissimmee Marketing Solutions’ so that gives us a boost when people type ‘Kissimmee Marketing’ into Google’s search. As well as ‘Small Business Advertising and Promotion’, which also gives us a boost.TIP #2: Offer coupons! Not only will this be highlighted in the Google search results page, but when someone does a search from their mobile phone, and your listing comes up, the coupons are nice and big and look REALLY nice on a mobile phone’s screen. They can be for anything, just be sure you use them. Just click the OFFERS tab to post your coupons.TIP #3: Once your Google Places listing has been claimed and verified, people will be able to post a review. Check your competition. Chances are the people in the #1 spot, will have at least 1 review. Google gives a boost in your listing if you have reviews, and especially if you have a lot of reviews. Google will create a Google Places webpage for you once you have been listed that people will see when they click on your places listing. At the bottom of the page is a spot for anybody to post a review. Ask your customers to give you a review and provide the direct link to your Places page for them to do so. If you do an e-mail mailing list, this is a great spot to promote this. The more reviews you get, the better your ranking.So there you have it. Now get out there and claim your Google Places listing!