Starting a Cake Decorating Business – Advertising and Promotion, Part 2

There is no point in spending time and money in developing your cake decorating skills to a professional standard if nobody knows about it. You are creating spectacular or charming cakes that will be very popular, but not if you are the only person who knows about it. In part 2 of this series, we look at some more ideas for promoting your cake decorating business and building your reputation.Deliver a top quality product every time This is perhaps a bit obvious – it applies to all businesses, not just a cake decorating business – but there are few businesses where first impressions are more important than a cake decorating business. The chief appeal of a well decorated cake is visual, and it is how the cake looked that will be remembered for the longest time, especially now due to the enormous proliferation of digital photography and the easy ability of anyone to transmit photographs instantly to anywhere in the world. In a visual medium like this, the cake is by far its own best advertising.Use all your networks Everyone you know knows a lot of other people that have various celebrations coming up. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries – the list is endless. Make it known in all circles in which you move that you are a professional cake decorator and available for business. Keep a supply of business cards with you at all times, give handfuls of them to people you know that have a lot of contacts, and never miss an opportunity to mention in conversation what you do for a living (people usually ask anyway). You’ll be surprised how often someone will say “Oh, that’s handy. My mother/sister/husband/friend/colleague etc is having a birthday/anniversary/graduation. Would you be interested in making a cake for that?” Of course you will immediately say yes and give them your card, but you must also get their contact details. People often forget what they said at parties, or don’t bother following up on things, but if you have their details you can call them yourself and secure the business.Get a website This is great for promotion of your cake decorating business, excellent for showing your portfolio of photographs, really easy to do, and can be done completely free on sites like Squidoo and many others.Look for co-promotional opportunities within your niche Most niche markets – weddings are a good example – are supplied by a variety of businesses that focus on one aspect of the occasion. Wedding dress makers, for example, or wedding planners. And don’t forget – every wedding has a photographer, and these can be a good source not only of high quality photographs of your cakes for your portfolio, but also of informal co-promotional arrangements. You recommend him to your clients, he recommends you to his – you are both in different niches of the same industry, so you are not competing against each other – and in fact recommending other quality professionals to a client can only add value to the service you are providing.